Whats the general theme of your daily practice regimen? What do you practice and for how long?

I'm such a terrible organizer. Mine has no pattern what so ever. I sit around with my guitar watching TV and surfing the interwebs, and play something or other intermittently.
I play songs I like for about an hour, then I practise several difficult riffs/solos for about 3 hours. I don't do this all in one sitting, I just play half an hour every now and then throughout the day.
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Scales, Exercises, Picking Patterns -> Riffs, parts of songs I already know -> A new song or solo.
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im pretty much like you. all day long i sit in front of the computer, guitar in hand, mand surf all over UG.
I dont think it matters as long as you practice. I do the same thing i play guitar while i watch t.v. all the time. just play stuff for a few hours a day and you will be fine.
I play for up to six hours a day, sometimes more.... what i do is i start with picking exercises, then scales and that will take about 45 minutes, then i run through a set list of songs for my own personal band, after that i normally run through more scales at a faster tempo, because i'm looking to go to collge for music, and after the scales i practice sweeping for about a half hour. after sweeping i'll normally go through fun, easy songs, like blink 182, just because, and after that i'll work on more solos, wierd time signatures, and improvising.
nah, lol. i don't have a job, i should, but i don't. and school for me ends at 2:00 PM so i have pleanty of time to do homework and stuff. and so you know i play varsity ice hockey and run cross country too. lol
i start out with some licks from magazines(Steve Vai's 10 hour workout, classical excersises) and the ever popular "BETCHA CAN'T PLAY THIS!" article in guitar world.

then i play some cover songs. Slipknot, Pantera, Satriani, etc.

then i come up with my own riffs and solo's if i fell like it,.

usually a 2-3 hour practice

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