Hi. I want to learn to play keyboard synth just because i love the sounds and everything. I grew up listening to alot of NIN and industrial type stuff so that would probably be my main influence.

Any tips on what i should get and what i should learn?

Oh. and i already have a keyboard that plugs into the computer and a simple electronic one. Im sure i can use the computer one with a laptop and if ou could explain that, it would help alot.
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I think the 'keyboard that plugs into a computer' is a midi controller, I have one and it is great. It plugs into a lap-top (or any computer) with a USB cable. The midi controller sends musical information (ie the keys that you press, and how hard) to a software program running on the computer which processes the information into sound.
It's not too complicated and you should be fine if you read the instruction manual with your keyboard.

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