I have a Craig brand MP3 player. It came with software to store and burn tracks from cd's to MP3's. I think my USB may be bad. I am running a Windows 98 OS, so I wouldn't doubt that's it's simply my machine. But could anyone give me any tips to make my USB work better. When I plug in my MP3, it says it's reading it. Beyond that, nothing happens. Could anyone help out?

Well, as you probably know, Windows 98 is really old...
And some "newer" (well not really anymore) products work with Windows Xp
Maybe that's the problem.
Like iPods won't work with windows 98 I don't think.
Windows 98 is your problem.
It needs the Mp3 players drivers installing if they haven't done so already.

Also, it might be running on USB-2.0 not USB-1.1 like Windows 98 can only handle I think it is.
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