i have this really weird feeling....
my sister got married yesterday and now i have this weird sad feeling..i cant describe it....
its like i miss someone....but my sister hasnt lived at my house for like 5 years and has beend dating the guy she married for like 2 0r 3 i think.....
i've felt this way before: like when this girl that used to live at my house basically cuz shes mine and my sisters friend....and then she would go live with her grandma for a week or two....and after she left i felt all weird....

anyone know what im talking about? wtf is it???
You have a crush on your sister.

Ok, seriously, you love your sister. Theres nothing weird about it, you just feel a loss when shes not there. Be proud of that, dude.
Your in love with your sister and now your upset because she has been taken.
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Because you now you realise how much you're going to have to emotionally share your sister
There's only one option:

Rape your sister.
There ain't no moral to this story at all. Anything I tell you very well could be a lie.
Really dude nothing gay about that at all theres nothing wrong with feeling sad when a family member leaves or isnt as attached to you as they used to be
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There's only one option:

Rape your sister.

I was worried the pit wouldn't come through but it seems my worries are groundless.
hope thats it...
oh yeah, and of course , i'm in love with my sister.....grow the **** up.

thanks for the serious replys....how long am i gonna feel weird then?
you will feel weird until you either rape your sister or kill the man she married

and im super cereal
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how long am i gonna feel weird then?

You'll feel weird until you suprise sex her.
like the saying goes "you dont know how good it is till its gone"
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like the saying goes "you dont know how good it is till its gone"

i guess
Now you know how a mother feels when he child turns 18 and moves out on their own. My mother has been really freaking the sh*t out lately.. She keeps trying to put me through guilt trips and all that ****.

Oh well, I don't want to live here until i'm 30, that's called being a loser.