I'm working on adjusting my action, no matter how far I set the strings up - my e string F note is dead. Every other note on the guitar plays perfectly or with a minor but not really noticeable buzzing - I'm working on that, but the single note is always messed up. I think there may be something wrong with the nut - then again I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to working on a guitar. Any comments aside from calling me out as an idiot?

P.S. - I figured this forum was the right one being that it is working with guitar gear / customizing my guitar? Uhh... if not let me know. lol
check that frets height compared to other frets around it, it probably has a notch worn into it or maybe your nut height is too low at that point, so you should check that too

if your frets are worn that severely, you'll be in for a refret, and if your nut slot is too deep you'll need a new nut, preferably a professionally slotted one because people tend to mess that up alot...

and yes
this is th right place
As soon as you fret a note, the nut has nothing to do with the result. You need to lay a straight edge along the frets in line with the E string to find out where the high fret is. Also, you didn't give any measurements to say where you are with your adjustments. It is possible, that in a quest for the lowest possible action, you are still too low.
I've been looking into this guitar for awhile, the note has always been dead ever since my father bought it here in St. Pete. I've been going crazy trying different measurements for the action, some whacky stuff my friends have been telling me to do (i.e. Placing some sort of glue inside the little slit for the high E string on the nut, as well as a toothpick shard... d'oh). Along the neck I see some noticeable attempts at maybe filling in worn in spots on the neck, as well as maybe they replaced the nut themselves (speaking of the previous owner) and the tuning machines. I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do, right now I'm trying to adjust it for a considerably high action, 4/64" - hoping it might work.

And since it's the first fret on the high-e string, I figured that the nut may have something to do with the note being dead. I suppose that if it has something else to do with how I'm setting up the action or whether or not the frets have been worn so badly that they need to be replaced - I'm going to be looking into that.

This guitar is very similiar to the Gibson Epiphone 1958 Korina Flying-V. I'm not sure what all has been modified on this guitar, nor was I told anything other than it's a flying V.