Hey guys, i was wondering if any of you had heard of people using white spirit to harden the fingertips in order to practice for longer? If so is it a good idea or does the big toxic and irritant sticker actually mean something bad will happen? Cheers
if you put white spirit on your fingers, your skin will dry out. I don't think that'll help you with practising, you'd just need to build up and strenghten your skin by playing 36 hours a day.(referring to the Petrucci Psycho lessons)

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Damn there goes my quick fix.... My mates swears by it though. He gets blisters from his bass and cuts them open on his guitar so he dips his fingers in white spirit and dries em out for 5 min. Hasn't had a bass blister burst since appearnently :S
It doesn't help at all.
It dries up your skin & bleaches it.

Try doing the Flea & Frusciante method instead...
Dip your fingertips in super glue.
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My fingers just got used to it eventually too, just be patient.
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