Hello I own the Ibanez RG2EX2 and a Peavey TransTube Amp... With a budget of $200 would it be worth replacing my "EMG Designed" PUPS? Some have told me that if I really want a good sound to just get a tube amp . Do pickups really make a big difference? If so which should I get I was thinking of the EMG 81 OR DiMarzio Evo. Would exactly will these new pickups improve sound wise?
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i say just save up for a new amp

I was thinkign the same... what do you reccomend?
high output pickups will beat EMGs any day

and a new amp would beat anything else any day
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An EMG 81/85 set would greatly improve tone. Very, Very powerful pickups. great for metal and hard rock. But with a transtube, it might just be a waste. save for a tube combo, then get new pups if ur not satisfied.
Is there anything that can beat PeaveyTranstube112EFX for around $600 the transtube cost me $420 =/ so it should be good enough

I need some serious advice cause it's either my amp settings or my amp sucks. Distortion sounds like **** ... settings:

Gain: 9
Low: 7
Mid: 2
High: 7
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