Heya, just getting rid of my Fender frontman 25R (which i used in combination with the Charvel) it got some awesome cleans, but i was looking into a bit more crunch as well. Going from that, I wanted some advice on potential amps that'd work well with this guitar, my budget is around $350CDN (which i suspect would be about $250-300 US in terms of gear value)

first of all, my primary guitar is a Charvel Model 6 with lace sensors (in place of the original jackson stacked single coil size hums) and the stock humbucker. Naturally I used the sensors for a lot of clean work with my fender, but i've been looking to balance that with good solo work as well, which wasn't accommodated too well by the fender amp.

This is what i'm looking for, in terms of priority

1. OD for soloing, i'm thinking like (the OD on my frontman was very noisy and didn't have the best tone for soloing, naturally)

2. good cleans (my fender had excellent cleans, esp. with the lace sensors, doesn't have to be that good but i'd like clean chords etc. come out decent)

3. under $350CDN (around 250-300US) optimally, i could go as high as $400CDN at best

4. Doesn't have to be that loud. I don't expect to play anything more than small shows so it doesnt have to be some 100W monster. My frontman was 25W, and last time i played at a lounge in college (my ideal venue) I didn't have to turn the volume up past 2) just something not so loud that i can play in my room without the walls caving in and something loud enough that it doesnt crack up when i try to play for say a bar of 100-150ish people)

5. this is just me being picky, but something that doesn't weigh too much, my frontman was around 25-30lbs and i carried that baby everywhere. I'm not looking for a microcube, but i'm not looking for giant cab that weighs as much as me either.

I'm also unsure whether I should go for a tube or a SS, I have no experience with tubes, and from what I hear they're high maintenance. any opinions would be helpful.

I know its a bit of a read, but last time I bought my amp i didn't do enough research, and I'm not the most knowledgeable person on amps, so I'm hoping u guys can provide me with some names to go look up + check out. thanks in advance