Im looking to getting a rig similar to Slash's. I play a Epiphone G-400 through a MArshall JCM2000 DSL401. Im looking to buying some Alnico Pro II's for my pickups, but I need some help with effects. I know Slash doesn't use much. I know he uses a Boss DD-3 and a Dunlop Rack wah, but Im not gonna shell out 600 for a wah so what would be a good wah? I have my eyes on a couple of wahs: Dunlop Zakk Wylde wah, Dunlop Jimi Hendrix wah, or Morley Mark Tremonti wah. Then I want to get the EQ Slash uses and maybe later on when I get in a serious band I can get a talk box. I know he uses a hush rack unit so what kind of a gate would be good for me. What should I choose for my wah and if there's a better one other than those 3 tell me please. I also dont want to get the Slash wah since its very pricey too. thanks for the help
he uses that big huge midi or w/e controller doesnt he?
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Well the Slash wah is from what I hear just a regular Crybaby with a ****ty distortion circuit.

i see you have Dimebag in your sig and keep in mind those AlNiCo II pups aren't meant to handle a lot of gain (actually they're VERY low output, all of the drive will come from the amp).
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In guitarworld they did one of those guitargeek animations to show his setup, and it is gigantic. Hes got 6 different marshall heads. And he also uses an MXR MC-402. And a rack wah. Along with a lot of other rack stuff.
So basically you have a guitar that isn't like Slash's, an amp that isn't like Slash's, and now you want effects that aren't like Slash's. So how is this like his rig?