So EIIKM is out tommorow in Europe, tuesday its in stores everywhere i beleive and its already out in Japan

It was on MTV's Leak so hopefully those that havent bought it yet will have heard some stuff from it

So what do you make of the new album? Whats your favourite song?

I think its a great album, MCS have delivered once again. I've listented to every song on their and its all very impressive. My favourite songs would have to be Hello Helicopter which is more or less a political song "written from the view point of an apathetic human being" - Justin Pierre, and this song is great its really powerful.

Second favourtie would be Last Night, its jsut really beautiful and it flows really nicely. Then Point of Extinction is my third favourite which i think will be great live.

Least favourite(they are all great so i cant say worst) would be The Conversation, purely because from watching the webisodes Justin and Matt talked about it and i was expecting it to have a really powerful ending but it didnt but its still really emotional and great

My rating for the album 9/10, superb!
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