Hello, I'm going to be going to a university next august, and I was wondering what they'd expect me to know before attending. I have a basic understanding of music theory but I couldn't tell you what modes go with which crazy ass chords, or play you all the natural and harmonic minor scales in perfect sixteenth notes in every key. Also if I were to study another instrument, a classic instrument per say, I'd be lost on any woodwind as I haven't coordinated myself for that type of instrument. Would it be best to pick up a cello or violin or something? And should I do this beforehand or what?
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It depends. For certain degrees, it's an excellent idea to be at least decently proficient in as many types of instruments as possible. If you're just going to university right after high school, if you have taken at what your high school offers for theory, then you should be fine, theory-wise. I'm not taking any theory classes now, but my guitar teacher keeps me brushed up and I'm always learning a bit more here in MT. As long as you've done what preparation you can, you'll do well.
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If I were you, I would email several professors from the music department and ask them what would be required. If possible, pick ones that are teaching classes that are required for music majors. Different schools have different requirements for their students.

With regards to the instrument study, I'm not an expert, since my school doesn't give degrees in performance. However, I would be surprised if a school's performance program was tailored towards students with no prior experience on their chosen instrument (perhaps it could happen, though). If you're serious about this, again, I'd recommend that you email people at the college who teach courses related to instruments you are interested in, and ask about the prior experience that is expected.
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