I have a 75w Line6 Spider II right now, and while I don't see much wrong with the sounds I get out of it, I really dislike the fact thats it's F**KING HUGE.

SO. What I'm asking is if anyone has some experience with Vox amps, who can suggest a few models. Primarily I want it to be smaller than the Spider II, but still be able to be heard over a particularily loud drummer. With nice sounds. Doesn't have to have loads of modelling features either.

Thanks in advance.
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I have the Vox AD30VT. Great little amp, have gigged with it (only small, about 100 people) and it held up fine. It's a lot louder for its wattage then SS amps, which I believe has something to do with the tube in it.
how long have you been playing? because right now i have the impression that you want an amp that's a bit 'worse' than your spider.

puts me in a pickle, because a nicer [tube] amp would probably weigh more. such as the vox AC30.
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