hi, my bands got a few gigs lined up and we want to put on a cool show, you know give people their moneys worth. However were unsure how to do this, we were thinking about getting some props but are currently undecided as to what we should get. IT would be helpfull if people could give us some advise/suggestions of what your bands use as probs and how to add more of a visual impact to a gig

Go crazy on stage, talk to the audience, say funny stuff/ be witty...
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stand COMPLETELY STILL while playing and have absolutely NO interaction WHATSOEVER between the crowd and other bandmembers
headbang and use coloured lights and stuff, oh and play a solo with your foot on the PA and make funny faces

or do something cool
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Make sure you look like you're enjoying it if anything, I've always found that to be part of a good show. Interact with the audience, have a story to tell about a song or two. But make sure you look like you're having fun
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one word


might be 2
i dont care


But seriously, interact with both crowd and band and ENJOY YOURSELF, if your enjoying yourself, then the crowd will probably too.
all you have to do is either be fun, funny, or badassed.
fun- look like your having it, jump around, be stupid, w/e
funny-crack jokes and be stupid
badassed-solo like a m'fer but you gotta solo like, behind the head, with your teeth, other parts of the body that aren't supposed to be used for geetar
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heart. u gotta have heart. lights an fancy stuff doesnt matter, if u rock ur ass off an look like ur really into it an havin a good time, then ur golden.

couple of years ago i saw SOAD play in toronto, first couple of songs the singer looked like he was bored as hell. barely moved around, hardly any expression in his voice. doesnt matter how good ur music is, if u dont put ur heart into it then theres no point.
Also, if you can swing your guitar/bass/drums over/under your shoulder, then carry on, just make sure theres enough room....