I'm playing through a Crate GFX-15 right now and I definitely need something new; as you can imagine, the sound just "isn't there." However, I'm having some problems deciding on a new amp to buy.

I live on a college campus in the dorms, so basically I'm looking for a really nice bedroom amp. I'm not in a band and the only recording I'd be doing would be for kicks and for practice purposes, so it doesn't need to be the best; I'd really like to get something with enough quality tone to keep me from hating to plug in, however. I play anything from Blues to Heavy Metal and the only things really important to me are non-muddy cleans and a dirty sound strong enough to do at least Thrash - I can get effects through stomp boxes. I'd almost actually prefer it if the amp required a pedal to boost the signal to heavier levels, so long as it can do it, as that would make it able to come back down and I wouldn't be stuck with an only-metal machine.

I'm playing with an '84 Gibson Explorer with old '80s Gibson Dirty Fingers pickups, which will be replaced, if that helps churn out the ideas. Was looking at Roland Cubes and Vox Valvetronix, but I just dunno.

Sorry for the wall of text, btw. :P
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Check out the new Vox XL series, the 15 in particular.
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try some of peavys smaller versions of there full sized amps like the winsdor studio
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