yeah so ive just invested in my first dunlop crybaby wah (its a 535q), and what with being a fairly amateur guitar type person, i dont have a clue how to get it to work through any kind of high gain overdrive.

is it even possible? cause ive heard people do it, just maybe not with a crybaby

i'm using overdrive built into an amp so might that be why it doesnt work, might i need to get a drive pedal to put before the wah or after or whatever.

help me wise people
it should work with the OD on your amp..mine does. You sure you've got batteries in the wah pedal or you've got it switched on?
haha i thought i said "amateur" not "plain f****** stupid"

its a knackered marshall 15w im using, that might just be all thats up
+ also, is yours a 535q? cause, although i may have imagined this, im sure i read somewhere whilst flicking through a manual or something that the more gain you use in the drive the less potent the wah effect will be.
Doesen't work great with heavy overdrive or distortion pedals but its good with amp distortion etc, if its a 535q can't u mod the freq to make it better for gain? My crybaby from hell can.