Right now I'm using the Korg GT-3.

It's an incredibly reliable and accurate tuner... for Standard Tuning

However, for everything else, it's 100% useless

I'm not a good tuner. The best I can tune accurately by ear is Standard, drop D, and Down Half-Step, meaning I can't even play metal stuff for C tunes, etc.

What's a good tuner that will get be all the different tunings I need?
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if you're looking for a pedal tuner, Ibanez LU-20. $40, chromatic, and true bypass
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korg CA40 i use it and it's great
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Look at different pedal chromatic tuners, planet waves or boss would probably be my preference.
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what about those Fender or Korg Rackmount tuners? are they worth $100-$200?

I've seen a lot of people use the Boss pedal tuner but i cant say anything myself.