I downloaded it a week or so ago (w/ the expansions) and then I got Rome: Total Realism, which was a HUGE improvement. I was wondering if anyone else is a fan of the game and if they play multiplayer. So far I haven't tried it out yet, how is it? I'd imagine you'd have to be able to commit a lot of time just for one multiplayer session, and honestly my game/internet connection wouldn't last even an hour without crashing.

BTW for people unfamiliar with R:TW, it's engine was used on the History channel to illustrate one of their shows (obviously on ancient history). Its the best in the genre IMO.
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I used to, loved it.
Then my friend stole it.
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Yeah it's a fantastic game. Do not, however, spend your money on Medieval 2: Total War. The worst purchase I've ever made. Excpet for some damn watch I bought for my birthday money when I was 12 or something. What a waste.
-I've played it but I'm more of a Zelda person.
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Yea i used to play before my computer started losing space.
I was in one of the best guild there: Arcani
most people in multiplayer are from UK or something...
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and yea, it's a great game.
M2TW is a great game too, i liked it more than rome in terms of how realistic it was, but in gameplay, rtw beats it. M2tw needs a crazy computer to play smooth lol...
I played it alot before, not so much anymore, but I've still got it installed with the total realism mod.
I play it.. I play RTR too. Brilliant. Love it Not played multiplayer though.
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