Walls of reality have torn us apart,
Calls from your sanity still reach my heart,
You come to me in my dreams,
But you can’t hear my screams,
Despair feeds this sorrow,
Unfairly it bleeds into tomorrow,
I’m always crying, simply falling,
I’m always trying, but somehow crawling,
Drowning in deep regret,
That I can’t forget,
Even If I could,
I never would,
My beloved friend,
I will amend,
Nothings like before,
They don’t matter anymore,
So I’m begging you don’t slip away,
So I’m begging you hold that grip today,
And I swear someday,
I’ll find a way…

Could I turn this into lyrics?
Maybe, but the AB rhyme scheme is rare in rock music. It would be hard to make it fit. I like it though . If you're going to write a song with the similar theme I would just write different lyrics. This doesn't have a solid rhyme scheme or verse and chorus structure for music. It's still a good poem though!
I think it would take a little work to make a song out of this. If you could find the possible chorus in the poem, and refine and edit the potential verse then maybe. But other than that it stands on its own as a very good poem, so maybe it should stay like that, and you could write lyrics that follow the same theme.
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.