Well i just did a little wing acoustic thing, so I was like what the ****, lets do red house! Its on my profile, tell me what you think. My electric version is better with the band, but I dont have a recording of it currentley. C4C as always.

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Very good man, I didn't think that an acoustic version of red house would be any good, but you pulled it off! The backing track is a bit off, but your lead skills are VERY good. The voice was a bit off and felt strained, but it was GREAT nonetheless.

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Was a quite enjoyable listen, I haven't heard an acoustic version of this before...And as aforementioned your lead skills are getting up there and are tasteful in regards to what is being played. Another little addition I liked was the clacking plates in the background... (thats what it sounded like to me )

Another thing, maybe we should collaborate on something bluesy man...I got the chops, have a listen to my Frank Zappa cover, everything is done by me

Great job on this one man! The only thing I can complain about is the rhythm guitar being a little off in the beginning, but that gets sorted out.. Other than that this is a great cover! Your leading is awesome, the vocals are good and this just sounds amazing overall.. Has a bluesy feel to it!

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