First off, I dunno exactly where this should go, so I put it here. Well someone showed me this video, and I just fell in love with it, the playing style, the sound, just everything about it. So obviously this isnt an easy thing to play like this, and I wouldnt even know what key/scale to use. So if anyone can play like this, please post and give some pointers, and if anyone thinks they know how you would play like this, please tell me as well. Also what key/scale is this is?

SO without further adu, heres the video


Thanks in advance
sounds like buckethead, lol
I think its a scale kinda like the harmonic minor, or phyrigan but im not exactly sure
People in musicians talk would know, but you wont get a response in a few days over there...
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sounds similar to a flamenco style of music. its disappointing that he's on a sidewalk while tonedeaf morons with pretty faces are making the money in music.
Monumental effort that's how. At least that's how I stay away from being tempted.

This Cat prolly was quite a student of the git in the first place(understatement). He decided he can't live without playing a la Stanley Jordan, but with a Spanish/Classical thang.

So, have you seen the Chapman Stick played? 10 strings I think. Look it up on YT. Very crazy guys, especially with a Looper.

These guys make it obvious to me that I pretend to play the git. I'd have to be 12 again to even consider attempting this technique.
Yeah, I know what your saying, I wanna be able to play that stuff, but I dunno if even if i practice for 4 hours a day just on that then what i normally practice, itll be enough to get it down.