well...i love the cleans on my HRD, the drive is good, but the more drive is horrible. Should i change the tubes or will that not fix the harshness of the amps more drive channel? and wat kind of pots do they use b.c i hate the non-linear pots tht it has on it its too loud or too quiet..there on inbetween w. it.
it might fix it but if i were you id just say screw it and get a pedal. its cheaper.
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if you do decide to change the tubes just post what tubes you are going to put in cause there is a thread(ULTIMATE THREAD) on tubes and what sounds they produce
put in a 12AU7 or sumtin so it will have more headroom.
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That was the main reason I didn't get a HRD.
But since your stuck with it, just get a pedal. Since it has such good cleans, a nice OD pedal (fulltone anyone?) will really sound good.
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ok..so nvm about the topic of this thread ...any one wana reccomned me a good cheap over drive (some thing that will be 70$ or under on ebay) b.c im on a budget after buying the HRD. ( i mean a pedal tht would get me into the metallica range of dist. if possible)
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big muff pi...

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yea i havent tried any of those ...i was thinking about trying a muff, a metal muff and a ZW overdrive. What do you think of those?
u talking about the Zakk Wylde(sp? dont flame im not a metalhead) overdrive. ive only messed around with those in GC and never really tested them out. but the metal muff and big muff are quality made overdrives. depends on what u want. it depends on what u wanna play. ive never tried the metal muff so i cant say how much more overdrive it will give you compared to a big muff. but for what i play, red hot chili peppers, pearl jam, basically any rock. the big muff is perfect. it depends on what u wanna play and what u wanna do with ur distortion/overdrive.
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