Before you all start bitching about spider 2's **** off out of this thread.

Alright now that's out of the way..

I'm having trouble with buzz from my digitech metal master through my line 6 spider 2, I've heard some romours that this is only with the amp I'm using... Just wondering if anyone else has this problem, if there's a way I can clear it up... and if not what amp you would recommend to me for some bone crushing brutal metal.

Thanks in advance!
well if you are using a single coil guitar it could be from that, not the amp or pedal.
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Metal Master into a Spider 2 is the problem.

As far as a "bone crushing brutal metal" amp, you can go with what everybody else uses, a 5150.
Most modelling/digital amps dont take pedals kindly at all sadly mate, best idea's to fiddle as much as possible for your preferred sound but in the meantime look for a noise reducer and noise gate to stop that pesky feedback!

Or as Guitarislife125 said, upgrade and go for something evil like the 5150!
its the amp, ive tried various pedals with my spider 2. the amp isnt made for pedals i guess.
Aye I was looking at just ****ing it and upgrading, but I'm absolutely strapped for cash, isn't everyone?

Thanks for the advice and for the first poster I'm using full size humbucker's on all my guitars.
Find the cleanest setting possible on the amp. Turn off all effects and modeling. Run the distortion into the amp. Should help.