Hi everyone!

i've got this home-made 2 6l6 push-pull amp (made by my father) that delivers 30/35 watts approximately.
and I've been looking at lots of brand name amps (mesa, peavey, etc) and most of them are able to get about 50/60 watts with only 2 6l6.

Does anybody know what kind of modification might be needed?
power or output transformer maybe?
Thanks a lot!
My gear:

Ibanez Rg470TI (2000 MIJ)
Kramer XLI (old, pre-gibson era MIK)
Yamaha C40 (nylon string)
Electrovox 100R (national made)
4x12 Ionic Cabinet
Digitech RP3 (willing to sell and looking for recommendations)
A higher rated transformer in both positions would probably help - a larger PT to give a higher B+ voltage, and a larger OT to cope with the high powered bass notes. You might want to check the insides against a schematic of a higher powered amp, to check they are in the same output configuration/class and that there is nothing dropping power at the power stage (a resistor that's too big, for example).
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