Hey guys,

I have an old ('84/ '85) tele-style guitar which wasn't looked after too too well by the previous owner. Some of the chrome on the bridgeplate and neck pickup cover is oxidised (pitted and with a green patina). Any suggestions on how to clean the chrome? I tried just rubbing it with a dry cloth, and that got off the removable gunk, but I'd like to polish up the chrome plating a bit.

Also, the volume and tone pots are a bit stiff (although there's no crackle). Could I loosen them up with a squirt of WD-40, or is that a bad idea?

Any advice will be very welcome.


I'd use some kind of contact cleaner instead of WD-40 it will probably remove most of the potentiometers noise as well.
I don't know any brands from the us
in argentina there's one called "contac-matic", but I doubt it will exist in your country.
Still, any electronics shop should be able to recommend you such a product.
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dont dont dont use wd40. contact cleaner is what you want. its not contact like sight-aiding contacts, but electronics contact cleaner. should cost about $5 a can which will last a life time.

go to walmart and get a pack of fine steel wool. you get 3 pads each of 0, 00, 000, and 0000. id start with the 0000 just to make sure you dont scratch it up, but go down in 0 (up in coarse-ness) if that isnt enough. that will cost about $1.