So I'm using a crap Frontman 15R amp, and I noticed today while I was playing that I was getting a high pitched hissing noise, but I couldn't find out what it was... So after a bit of playing I moved my foot, and the hissing went away. When I put it back, surely enough, the hiss returned.

Does anyone else get this, or is it just me and my sad Fender
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maybe it's just because you were standing to close to the amp when I put my Fender next to my amp it does that same thing
could be where ever you moved you foot to blocked the interferance and when you put it back to where it was you unblocked the interferance
haha I got the opposite problem. I'm only wearing one sock right now, because I took it off while I was playing my guitar so I could touch the metal on one of my pedals with my toe to get rid of my buzzing noise. Must be some kind of grounding thing...