I've decided to ditch the acoustic for a while and stick with the electric in order to learn B's. And as well as that, I wanna just play songs with B's from now on until I get used to them. I can play B's/Bmin's, its just getting used to switching between them and other chords.

So, any suggestions for songs with B's/B minors? Preferably songs that have been in the charts in the last 40 years(I dont mind songs from years ago but I only know the classic artists! lol Not bands/artists that aren't really known.

Grateful for any help
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flight of the BumbleBee?
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Supertramp has Give a Little Bit which is A7,A, D,G,Bm, and an F#7 thrown in. good classic song. Capo 1st btw.
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I don't know too many "classic" artists, but you can't get more classic than checking out:
* Jethro Tull - Wind Up (Mainly open chords, but has a B minor and some fast changes - note that only the studio version is in this key. The "Quad" version and subsequent live versions are played in, I believe, double flat tuning.)

I'll have a think. hmm...