so i ordered this guitar last week and it will be here tomorrow:

ive been able to keep it on the UG downlow til now

all day today ive been thinking of how i would wire it up. on my other sx tele i really just let loose on it and went all out with the wiring doing whatever i wanted til i got it right (when i first rigged it up i had an active preamp and a p90... i think there was 35 different combinations). this time though, i want to keep it looking stock, with a dpdt between the tone and volume AT MOST.

just awhile ago i started looking on blueguitar and guitarelectronics and began thinking about what else i could do.

so, my first "decision" on the wiring had been to turn the neck pickup around to get them out of phase in the 2nd position (i use out-of-phase combo A LOT). a new 250k CTS pot ive had laying around with a "treble bleed" cap, a modded TBX tone control, and a new switchcraft jack. i plan on buying either a 4 way or a 5 way switch after i get some cash and after strings. this was the decision because a) no extra holes drilled b) i have the stuff on hand (meaning no cost) and c) still something different.

now, even though i dont use an in-phase combination much, its nice to have on hand for not-just-the-neck rock n roll sound. if the TBX doesnt work out like id like, im going to take it out and toss a dpdt phase switch in there. i dont use the tone knob EVER, but i think that may change after this TBX (heard bad and good, but im pretty excited about it) since i can cut the bass also.

now, ive never seen a schematic for a 5 way til tonight. ive found a real spiffy diagram that calls for a dpdt phase switch in place in the tone pot place and a tone cap in the 3rd position off the switch for the neck pickup; 4th position being the neck pickup without the cap. this one is looking like a winner, if i just had a 5 way on hand. oh, position 5 is both in series.

the 4 way is pretty cool (have one in my current tele) because both pickups in series is pretty freakin heavy and good for all the punk i play. so this one isnt really viable after ive seen that 5 way mod.

so, any ideas? suggestions? comments?