I like this song a lot, but wether others feel the same way i dont know (thats up to you to decide). I would like to point out that i did NOT pick up any kind of instrument while making this song, i did it all off the top of my head, so some parts may not sound that amazing.

This isnt finished, cuz i didnt have the time to do so. The part at the end, which some may call a solo was just basically a test to see how it sounded, but i think i came out ok.


Untitled 2.zip
It was horribly out of scale.

It had a cool vibe at some points, but I swear to god there was a note out of scale in every measure.

Maybe you were going for the cringing sound, but I didn't like it very much.
LOL that was sweet man, and contrary to what njc69 and camm say, i think the out of tune-ness gives it a little extra something...for some reason it fits.

i can't really think of any crit on this other than ADD MORE. the ending seemed a little empty, and the song felt short.

also, it was a tad repetitive, though in this case that's good O_o

i don't think you should fix the wrong notes, they sound cool XD
-keep it up
like camm said, it was out of key, doesn't work with the chords you chose, try to think more before you put in random notes. check if they work with the chords, find a scale to use, etc.