I have an Ibanez AS73 semi-hollow double-cut (335 style.) I am going to switch the 490R and 490T humbuckers out of my Gibson SG. What would be the result of putting the 490's into my Ibanez. Will they fit ok? Too powerful? Feedback danger? Thanks in advance.
that would probably be a really nice guitar after that, the ibanez semi-hollow's are really nice quality and the only thing i would change would be the pickups, and gibson pickups would probably sound great in there

i say go for it!

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They're not exceptionally high output pickups. The 490R and the 490T are measured at 7.8K and 7.9K respectively. They're supposed to be like the '57 classics, but with more mids, so expect that, I guess. I wouldn't worry about feedback. And they should fit fine.

I would take it to a shop to do it, though. With hollow body guitars, it always seemed like it would be a big hassle to do any kind of electronics work on 'em.