I am having troubles using a drum track i made in Guitar Pro 5 in Pro Tools. I import the drums in and they show up fine and everything but i cant figure out how to get the sound out of them(the output path). I have everything else comming out through my headphones through my interface but i dont have that option with the Midi track. Anyone else know how??
I have this problem when I import MIDI into pro tools, however, I don't have the MIDI section installed, nor do I have a midi interface / controller.

Is the output in the mix window set to A1-2?

Be sure to read start / programs / digidesign / midi IO (and related fules)

Also, are they on a "midi" track, or an "instrument" track? for some reason, midi isn't supposed to be on midi tracks, it's supposed to be on an instrument track.

Sorry I can't help much, I'm a total noob at all things MIDI.

Could you post a screenshot of your mix window though?
If you've bought ProTools in recent years you have gotten a few nice freebies that will help you with this. The MBox series comes with an excellent software package which has a few ways of getting some audio out of your MIDI. Now, in ProTools, as in all recording apps., if you have a MIDI track you won't get sound out of it unless you have a physical MIDI unit (synthesizer) attached to the computer and you've added that MIDI unit in you setup. However, if you use an instrument track you can add MIDI instruments available in ProTools and they will play back the MIDI using samples or programmed sounds. So that's what you need to do. If you have the Ignition Pack with BFD Lite I suggest using that for drums since it's a lot better than the other drums that come with ProTools.