So far I've learned:
Muse - Muscle Museum
Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name (solo)
Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It (solo)

Anyone have any other song suggestions?
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Every song by rage

lol im joking but like 99% of rage songs have a whammy somewhere
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Becoming - Pantera.
Renegades of Funk - RATM

I mostly use mine for originals
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Joe Satriani-Searching
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Joe Satriani-Searching


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King James - Buckethead
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Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames
Audioslave - Like a Stone (solo)
Pantera - Mouth for War (solo)
Any rage or audioslave that have whammy in em really, how good are whammy pedals by the way cus i dunno if i should spend alot of money on one, they do sound good and look cool but will they last and are they worth it?
whammy's are cool little things, but, you gotta learn how to use them on your own and do what you like with them since theyre very creative. learn other peoples songs, but creat some of your own **** on tyhe whammy
Bullet in the Head by RATM
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Enter Sandman solo(Metallica)...Kirk goes nuts on that one


Tears Don't Fall solo(Bullet For My Valentine)...some crazy fast pinch harmonics in that one....sick whammy too
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Enter Sandman solo(Metallica)...Kirk goes nuts on that one

Im pretty sure thats Wah, not Whammy
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Radiohead - Just

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