So i want to do a seven string build.

Firebird body
basswood or ash body
quilted maple veneer
24 fret neck( would rather not build but probably will)
deep red color
tone zone and air norton

so any thoughts or opinions?
My only thought would be asking if you want to make two and ship one out to me, haha.
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Quote by WickedBeast666
headstock style?
Bridge Style?

Just asking to get the full details lol.

not sure on the headstock.
killswitch and maybe an afterburner.1 volume. dont really want tone. 3 way switch.
probably a trem
Well you may want to get it all planed out and drawn up so the construction goes as smooth as possible.
im gonna start as soon as possible, but i dont know when that will be.how hard is doing a neck through in terms of doing the neck and fretboard from scratch to fit a 7 string. ive read alot but since its my first project i dunno if i could do it.
If it's your first I wouldn't try it. You can get some pretty good sustain though a good bolt on neck too. If it's made with care, and done right.
dude this is gonna be sweet.
im thinking of doing a 7 on my next one , il be watching this man.