So I'm a total noob at customizing my guitar. But I'm tired of how my guitar looks, so I figured I'd try and change it around. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II (I know it sucks) and I want to go with a black and gold theme. I have all the parts I want to use picked out, but I don't know if what I've chosen will fit in my guitar, or work together at all. Another big problem is I have no idea where to buy paint. I want to get gold and black paint. Anyways....

Ebony Fingerboard
Dye To Make It Solid Black
Gold Fretwire
Black Inlays, That I'll Paint Gold
Gold Tailpiece (I don't know which one to get?)
Gold Bridge
One Gold Neck Pickup, One Gold Bridge Pickup
Gold Tuners

I'm also getting knobs, strap buttons, and little things like that to go with it. I'm expecting to pay around 300 dollars on this. Hopefully it'll be worth it.
You're better off getting a new guitar imo. Unless you know what you're doing, replacing inlays and fretboards is tough. I believe, but I'm not 100% postive, that your guitar has a set-in (i think?) neck, not a bolt-on, so replacing the neck isnt an easy option either.

Fret wire is also tough (but not tooo hard) to change. For the tailpiece you need to make sure you get the right sized posts or smaller. If you get too big, you'd have to drill into your guitar, risking damage. Smaller ones you can wrap electrical tape around to make thicker.
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changing a fingerboard isnt very simple, expecially for a beginner, and i say jsut save up for a better guitar, and a refret (since you wanted gold) would cost more than that guitar did
Okay, the thing is, I don't want a new guitar. I'd rather just play around with this one. I want to see what I can do. And I guess I don't have to change the fingerboard. Is there a way to stain it so it's black? Also for changing the frets, I have the neck to an old strat that I can practice on. I still need to find a place to buy paint, too. I want to paint it so it's black on the front and back, with gold around the sides.
For paint, go to wal mart and get some krylon. you can ebonize the board by getting the darkest stain you can find and apply several coats (without wiping off the excess) until it's as dark as you like. for refretting, get a soldering iron or something to heat the frets before you start to pull them out. you'll get almost no chipping if you are careful enough.

edit: PM me for tips/instructions for spray painting. If done right, you'll get a factory-like paint job.
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