hey all.
first off i understand exactly what a eq pedal does, but i am sorta unsure on how to go about using it....like do i just fiddle round till a find the tone i want, then just leave it like that or do i use it as a booster, and only click it on when i want a certain sound

any help or advice would be great thanks
it just boosts certain frequencies more, like the bass, middle, and treble controls on your amp only way more accurate to the specific levels
Amp EQ = passive. Pedal EQ = active. On a passive you can only TAKE AWAY frequencies, with an active you can BOOST them.
thanks for ur replies they r realy helpful. but wat i wana know is do people always have their eq pedal on? or just use it when they want a boost or a certain change in sound?

thanks again
^ people do it in any number of ways. no two players use their effects exactly alike. learn to use it how you WANT to use it and how its most beneficial to your playing.