Gday, i have been playing the guitar for a few years, i have a really crappy stratocaster copy, and it never goes out of tune, but it sounds horrible. I am using my mates Gibson SG guitar at the moment, it sounds great, but seriously after 5 minutes of playing, it is badly out of tune. I dont think theres anything much i can do about it, but if there is some trick that i am missing, please let me know.

Any advice would be great
IF the strings are relatively new, they could have not been stretched properly. Just keep bending and retuning.
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new strings need to be worked in? tuners could be screwed up? or maybe intonation. could be quite a few things actually. start small and work in your strings first
are there new strings on the sg? if so you might have to give them time to stretch. other than that i don't know
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New strings need to be stretched in, as they said. Old strings, however, need to be replaced, as they have often have a great deal of trouble staying in tune. Also, are you using a whammy bar? Because that tends to throw things off tune as well. My suggestion would be to change the strings... Ernie Ball Regular Slinky.

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Maybe the strings are slipping at the tuning knobs, they might not have a good grip, so try replacing the strings or undo the ones u already have and wind them properly.
Is it going completely out of tune, or just out of tune when you play chords?

If it's going out of tune altogether, something is wrong, check the things already suggested, I think it's all been covered. Except that the neck could be moving around...

If it's only out of tune when you play chords, then close or in tune when you re-check it, the action may be too high or nut slots may be not deep enough, making you stretch the strings too much to hit the frets. The frets could also have grooves in them, in that case they would need to be leveled and re-crowned.

Is the temperature changing a lot? I doubt if that's the problem, since your own guitar seems to be staying in tune pretty well, but 2 degrees temperature change can make a guitar go out of tune.
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I put new top strings on it recently, and i was over at my mates house whose guitar it was, saying how it kept going out of tune BECAUSE i put new strings on, but he was saying it was always like that, and the bottom strings are going out of tune just as much, weird. It has no whammy bar, and seriously goes out of tune heaps after short amounts of time. I guess ill try and just keep tuning it up when it goes out of tune and c how i go
The tuners have been covered already, so we'll skip that. Two other possibilities:

1) The nut. When you tune the strings, do they make a little "ping" noise? If it does, the strings are getting hung up in the nut. It's like a slinky..they stretch, then break free and snap back. The nut slots could need filed.

2) The bridge. The saddles could be worn out. I had this problem on an Epi Les Paul. The *&%^ third string NEVER stayed in tune and I hated gigging with it but it was the only guitar I had. I replaced all the bridge saddles with teflon ones and never had a bit of trouble until the day I got rid of it. Problem solved.

Take it to a tech..they'll track the trouble down in no time.
First Off

Stratocaster copy's arent crappy, there immense

and Secondly, probarbly the intonation or your bridgew could be knackered
1. strings maybe new and need stretching.
2. they maybe old and need changing.

i use DR black beauties.. they stay in tune 4 a damn long time.. try em out