My band has begun to record again and we're having a little trouble figuring how to record the drums right. Our drummer got this mic kit.


can anyone tell a good way to set it up on there
Youve got to just put the kick mic on the bass pedal, then you can put the other three mics on the upper drums: one on the snare, one on another upper tom, maybe one on a lower tom depending on you set. If you really wanted a good recording you will need maybe two condensers for the cymbals and the high hat. Then put all the xlr inputs into a mixer and then adjust the volume levels and the balance of the diffrent mics in the left and right side of the speaker. Then you should be good, it just takes alot of foolin around with it.
Personally, I'd stick the kick inside the actual drum, I've never had too much good experience close miking the pedal.
kick mic in the drum

snare mic clipped to the drum facing center of the head

two other mics should be set up above the kit facing down, these ones you'll have to experiment with - you might even have to set the drums up different from how your used to it, so the cymbals don't bleed into the snare mic ect...

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kick mic in bass drum, snare mic on snare drum, tom mic between mounted toms, other tom mic on floor tom. then you should get either two small diaphragm condenser mics or even some sm57s and put thm above the drumset on either side
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