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so ive got a fender strat, epi lp custom, and an epi V. im looking for a fourth, for either metal or customizing... but i want something with a little less traditional shape...

what are some awkward guitar shapes that you guys like? pics or links would be great.
A lot of BC Rich or the Jackson Warrior
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how about a rickenbacker?

THey are soooo ugly

Look for an old VOX they had like a teardrop shape
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you mean like this ?

i seriously get sick at the sight of razorbacks... but that kind of awkwardness yes...
Don't get a BC rich. They are ridiculously lame and ugly.
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THey are soooo ugly

Look for an old VOX they had like a teardrop shape

ya right, Ric's are amazing
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Don't get a BC rich. They are ridiculously lame and ugly.

ehhh, ive never seen a good looking BC rich either...
I'd go with the reverse flying V. Sure they're odd looking but there are only 400 in existence. You'd definitely have something unique and rare.

There's on up for sale on Ebay right now. I think they were asking $1200 for buy it now.
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Rhoads shape, xplorer are pretty cool looking too
don't know how there sound or play though.
something with points will work most of the time for a metal looking guitar
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bc rich mocking bird, the higher end models are pretty nice, or a framus streetwalker
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The explorer shape is awsome, but I can't seem to find a good guitar with that shape :s Something along the quality of an ibanez RG1570 but then in explorer shape, anyone?

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explorer, not rare but badass
or get a cool old dano and fix it up a bit
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