im finally to where i have the ability to play some pretty fast solos or technical guitar parts.Now that i feel im confident enough to make my own solos it seems that im stuck using the same patterns when i try to make solos.

Basicly i need help or some ideas on breaking these patterns and coming up with some new ones.

help pleaseee
just imagine a sound in your head, then figure it out on the guitar
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one thing i do is play parts of another solo... then change up a few notes and repostition a few things keeping theory in mind of course. As i keep tweaking the riff i eventually have something new.

Then again, sometimes i just let my fingers go and what happens, happens. The more you do it, the better you'll get at improvising. Improv is the beginning of all writing processes! ^_^
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Plan the solo out in your head until you can sing it all the way through...sounds daft but internalising the notes that way helps a lot when it comes to getting them out of the guitar.
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