I'm in a college dorm, and I'm wondering if people have any tips/methods on how to keep my guitar safe. I know this thread has been done, but searches turned up nothing.
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keep ur dorm locked, and ask ur roommate to do the same. if anything happens to it, the blame falls on your roommate.

that's worked for me for a little over 2 years...
install a lojack?
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always keep it in the gigbag (if u dont have a hard case)...thats what i used to do. an i'd put it behind my TV, which was sittin on top a minifridge. ppl were usually too lazy to go get it
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my house is the designated 'party house' cause of my basement.. which is where i keep my guitars
if its my friends over ill leave em on the bigass stand
if its my parents or sisters friends i lock em in the cases in my room
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On the first day, tell everyone that if anyone touches your guitar, they'll be in for a stabbin'!

When they're all laughing at you for being such a joker, pull out a big-ass knife and wave it at them to show them you mean business. No-one will touch your guitar then!

Granted they also might avoid talking to you, but, y'know.....
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I usually keep mine in my closet. Not many people except for me, my roommate, and his friend know it's there. And the door's always locked when there's no conscious people in here (like when nobody's here or we're asleep.)
Always lock your room and make sure your roommate does the same. In case of a fake fire-alarm (people pull this sh*t and go steal stuff in other peoples' rooms), take your guitar with you.
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Keep it locked up in a hard case when you're not playing it. And if its a worthy guitar, get insurance.

I've become slack with maintaining my guitars health. I used to keep it cased up when I was done playing, but now I leave it on a stand. Mind you, I live solo, and not in a dorm with plenty of grubby hands round the place.
I have 2 people other than me who touch my guitar. I'm a big guy, and if someone other than the people I allow to touch my guitar (I have it placed in a certain position, in Open C, and I always wipe it down) I'll know, and I'll backhand the fucker who did it.

Plus, my room-mate/vocalist knows that if someone messes with my shit, I'll be in a terrible mood for the rest of the day, and no one wants to be around me when I'm like that, so he tells them not to touch them.
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I lock my guitars in my batcave next to robins pantys actually.
Get a hardcase and lock it. If you suspect anybody, booby trap it (like put some paper on side propped up. It will fall if guitar is touched). Attain rusty pliers and write threatening notcie.
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