I searched for it and didn't come up with anything. Could anyone tab this? It's short, and only a few fast runs on the guitar, but it's a great song. Guitar Pro tab would be ideal, but normal tab works too. Thanks.

If anyone needs the song I can send it. Although if you're willing to tab it I'm sure you have the album.
ill have a go at it, but i suck balls at tabbing... great song (and album) though! (not much guitar, is there? hehe)...

thought about it, and i dont think i can tab out the key solo... sorry.
ah, its too much for me. the bass is too low for me to really hear if im getting close enough... im pretty sure theres either a D7(#9) or a D(1/2 dim) chord though, if that helps at all... i know, im really ****ty. my guitar is also having issues with staying in tune, so its kind of frustrating to try to write things out. again, sorry i cant help. "hourglass" is really easy to learn and play though, if you wanna try that one. great song too.
^Thanks anyway. I actually just figured out "State Of Grace" myself, and was he mood for another LTE song. Can anyone else tab out "The Stretch"?