Ok I re-installed GP5 on my D drive instead of my C drive because I needed more room...(I was running out)

So I backed up my GP5 archive of files and installed it on my D drive. And then I went, copied the Archive from the C drive and then uninstalled the C drive GP5...

And now when I go to the Archive of the D drive GP5, all the files dont have the GP5 symbol thing I dont know how to get it back. I tried to do "open with" and select it from there but I couldnt get it to open it from there...

PLZ help meh...
Quote by Surrysounds
Have you tried right clicking on the files and selecting 'open with...'?

they said they tried that ^_^...

... maybe you try intalling it on your d drive again, or just clearing off some space on your c drive... that could always work.
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can you please elaborate what exactly is happening when you try to open a file via "open with" command?
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