This is my first attempt at a solo recording. The song isn't finished, but the short demo is about a minute long. It's pretty soft stuff guys so if you're looking for something heavy don't bother. But I'd really like some feed back on my singing. I'm realllly new at it. Gimme a break haha

not the kind of music i usually listen too, but it's not bad. I think when you sing from about "sit around" to about "but I just" could use some more feeling. I think you have a good voice though, and could be better if you worked at it.
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^ I agree. I alos think it should be longer, but that's because I really enjoyed it. It is a pretty song that really got to me.

We have some talented people here (all of you that I have heard/critiqued and those I haven't yet). It makes me realize how laughable it is when someone in the pit talks about how nobody here has talent. THey couldn't be more wrong.

Anyways, good job on the song man, really. It was great. Also, if you get the chance:

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I like it but the extreme panning makes me feel dizzy hehe. I don't think thats neccessary, would sound better without it.
Wow. That is actually kinda soothing. I want to hear some other songs you'll make in the future.
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Thx for all the feedback guys. I really appreciate it. Ill be sure to pst the finished song whenever it done. And if you give me a link to a recording all be sure to crit it. Thx a lot. =D
listening now...your voice started off a little bland but im enjoying in more now. The lyrics are good. Im sure you panned the guitar and vocals all the to each side on purpose but i would let up on it a little maybe put them at 65 on each side, it would give it a lot fuller sound. Just my opinion of course. But yea man pm me this when your done cause its got good potential

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Hmmm I like the mood of the song. Sort of reminds me of Brand New a little bit.

You have a decent voice, sometimes it goes a little out of time and out of key. But I liked the layering on some parts of the song, I think it adds depth to the song. It should be longer imo, and you shouldn't pan the sound so much.

I'm assuming you use audacity so I would record the track with the singing to come out the right side, and then pretty much do what rustinpeace said and make an identical replica (copy and paste) to come out of the left side of the speakers. You may need to turn down the volume after you've done that on both recordings and leave one slightly behind the other to get the echoey effect.

But it's pretty good and you're singing is bearable

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too short, i was hoping you were building into something. i liked the lyrics, but yeah you need to work on your voice not going flat or whatnot. i think it has potential.

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