^a cheap stratocaster.

i say play it at a concert, and smash it.
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Quote by ECistheBest
i say play it at a concert, and smash it.

Also a good option; but if you really want it for another playing instrument you really need to give us a price range and general tonal picture of what you're after.

THIS SITE should be of great help to you though. Oh and I recommend 500K pots always, even with single coils; you can always just back off the 'tone'.

What you'll definitely want to change if you want to keep playing it are:
other Electronics (pots, wiring, switches)

That's about it really. If you must put full-size humbuckers in it or it's a HSS and you want an SSS then you'll have to change the pickguard as well; not that that's really an issue. Oh and I swear guitars are not difficult to wire/work on in the slightest.