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My Greatest Fear
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Catastrophe @ Theater "Serre la vis!"

A dancer on a stage.
Empty set, just a dancer.
Why would you need anything else
With a name like that.

Someone in the assistance recognizes her.
Shock value.
He stands up, points, and screams her name.
Shock value per two.

The rest is usual business.
One or two nifty moves,
while her mouth drips despotisms
About young adulthood.
"My oh my, she's got it all figured out."

Crowd seduced ; she spreads her legs like wings
And just when you get to think that she's whoring herself out
Marcel Duchamps storms in and screams :
"Give her a fucking halo! She's on a goddamn stage!"


...but before anyone could exit the amphitheater
Someone, somewhere, blew it all over

Catastrophe au théâtre "Serre la vis!" :
dancer's head explodes, causing 3 deaths.
Woman from attendance also severely injured from eyeball projectile.

My Greatest Fear
I see you here
Watching me
I fight back tears
And say, “Oh dear,
I did not recognize
Your disguise”

The very next morning
You temp me with
Not only words
But with beauty
Your arms come around me
My heart is beating

You leave once more
To a different land
Separated by water.
I want you back.
Please come back?

I send the message to a whale
In hope that it would sail
Across the seas and on to you
My greatest fear?
It became true.

there yah go,