Do u have an Epiphone Les Paul?, If it was lost/stolen... Would you buy another Epi LP?
Let's assume you can only spend the same amount of money you paid for your lost/stolen guitar.
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Do u have an Epiphone Les Paul?, If it was lost/stolen... Would you buy another Epi LP?
Let's assume you can only spend the same quantity of money you paid for your lost/stolen guitar.

yes if ihad same amount YESSSSSS unless u didnt like it buy an ibanez
I had an Epi LP black beauty.. If it got lost/stolen I would save the extra cash and get a Gibson BFG..

It felt alright but something just didn't click IMO. The BFG however feels like it was custom made for me.
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Yes to my Epi Les Paul Plain Top because it is mahogany. No to the other newer ones made of crap.
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Yes to my Epi Les Paul Plain Top because it is mahogany. No to the other newer ones made of crap.
Actually it's the older ones that were made of mahogany/alder while the newer ones are the ones made entirely with mahogany. So... sucks to be you

That said...

I've got an Epi LP Custom and the Epi Joe Perry signature LP, and I'd happily get them again so long as I could of course find replacements that matched the same quality as the ones I have now (remember - don't just buy online or settle for the first one you pick up, try a lot out in person and cherry-pick the best of the bunch!). Also I've upgraded the Custom's pickups, so this is assuming I'd have them upgraded again too when replacing the lost/stolen one.

Funnily enough, if my actual Gibson LPs were stolen or lost, I probably wouldn't bother to buy those again. I think now, I'd rather use the money it'd take to replace them, getting an Epi Elitist LP and an 80's-made Kramer of some kind.
definitely. i have an epi lp standard from 2006.

if i did choose another guitar or one chose me it would not be because i dont like the les paul it would just be to try something else.
ive played epis on tour, and i have gibsons, and honestly i took epis on the road so if they did get stolen i diddnt care, the tone was alright, nothing compared to a Gibson LP, so id give it a nay
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Yes, I have one. I would for sure buy a new one if mine got stolen.
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Probably not, I'd save for something better. I love the playability, but not too keen on the tone, probably something that some new pickups could change. I'm more of a Strat man though.
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I'd get another if something happened to mine, i love my lp
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I own a Epi LP and if it were stolen I wouldn't buy another. But only for the reason that mine is one of the 1997 limited edition Birdseye cap LPs and i wouldn't be able to replace it as I wouldn't find one half a beautiful as my current one
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yes but probably only if i could find another of the same type that mine is
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If I could only spend the same amount of money - I would probably get an SZ or maybe a LP Ultra. Just to have something similar but a little different.
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Hell no! I wouldn't even consider buying (or even playing) another Epi. Mine's such an uninspiring and not very nice playing guitar, so no thanks.
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Yes, Yes, Yes. I love my Epi LP. I did put different pick ups in it (Classic 57 Gibsons before, now PRS Dragon II's)... and if anything happened to it I would definately buy another... they are phenominal guitars for the money.
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