I downloaded Firefox, and I want to erase Internet Explorer. However, when I go to do so, it says some programs may not work if I remove it. I just have your average programs. So, it should be safe to completely erase it right?
I use ffox all the time, havent used IE in about 2 yrs, but look at the size of the IE folder compared to the FFox one.
It's a lot bigger and contains a lot more crucial data than you think
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You know, I had the exact same question. I use firefox as well and was getting random IE popups.

I talked to my friend who's pretty knowlegeable with that stuff and he said that Internet Explorer is kind of integrated into the Windows OS. I looked it up and that's what a lot of others said as well.
Just leave it there, as it could mess up your computer if you delete it.

So I guess IE is just kind of stuck on our computers.
Just don't use it for browsing the web I guess.

IE is the browser for your computer, not just the net. If you'd delete it, you wouldn't be able to open folders.
^Actually, that's Windows Explorer that's the browser for your computer.

I have Firefox, as well, and I use it all the time, but I still keep IE around.

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you can delete it but you can't use IM and most likely play online games and such.. but apart from that you can still use the web with firefox and ur system wont crash or anything.
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