I dont know any music theory but love this gallop style rhythm is anyone prepared to tab out or know where i can find some practice rhythms.

Im very interested on this gallop rhythm and puting my own style over it
what exactly are you talking about?
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The style of rhymatic picking made popular by bands such as iron maiden and iced earth.

It is technically referred to as the 8th and 16th note gallop im just not sure how i actually do this gallop and need to see it in tape
just listen to some iron maiden songs like run to the hills or powerslave
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Early Metallica also has some great examples. Check out Maiden's "Run to the Hills" where they mix up this pattern for a cool effect. I'd recommend starting slow with a metronome to get this really tight and also palm muting helps. In case you didn't already know the first note is an eighth note followed by two sixteenth notes which means the last two notes are played twice as fast as the first note. I count it like I would a set of 4 16th notes [ 1(e held over from the eighth note not picked again) ] and a.
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Please tell me you know that that rhythm was VERY popular before Iron Maiden was even thought of and is extremely common in virtually every genre of music.

As for the rhythm itself, it's one note followed by two notes of half duration.
1 e + a
If you were to count four distinct parts of the "beat", the rhythm you were speaking of would have you play on the 1, the +, and the a.
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My favorite is this version of the 'gallop', 1 e + a. playing 1, e, a
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Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer's rhythm guitar has got to be the best example of 8 and 16th notes gallop. Songs like Stormrider, Funeral... just two fine examples of this style of play. Ive been playing 19 years and i still cant master those songs. Songs like Reign in Blood and Poweslave are easy compared to the ones ive just mentioned.

I find that using a program called Transcribe where you can slow the tempo of the song down to a more suitable pace, helps a great deal. Try not to let your arm tense up when practicing as this will make it harder to keep rhythm. Start off slow and play just the E string palm muted (picking hand) and pick up a steady rhythm... keep getting faster when you are comfortable and you should be well on the way to playing 16th note rhythm at over 100bpm.
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