Lol, gay guy trying to dance gets owned by himself. Almost sorry for the rest ... still funny.
Lol, yeah that douch bag. i like the one that simply dissapears into the ground pretty funny
If you want a good model stuff-up, search 'Jennifer Hawkins'...MINT!
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i wasnt wikipediaing blow job okay, it just happened

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one time i fucked a sofa.

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Freedom of speach?

on a private website?

Based in Russia?

i'm sorry comrade, but you fail.
Has that song been re-mixed? Starting at 1:11 there is a brass section playing third stone from the sun (Jimi).

Oh, and people falling over when their job is walking is always funny. Good show.
The best was that when a model fell, and some other model came running to help, then fell too

Edit: it was at 2.15
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You just single-handedly caused an entire future generation of people to be flushed down the toilet.

Good job, TS.
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I like when the model didn't stop and fell right of the stage at 1:46

And glad to see Jennifer Hawkins' cheeks on there, makes me glad to come from Newcastle, AUS.
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