Hey all.
I decided to start the second Metalcore Collab Thread as no one else had.

The rules: [Please read them]

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Okay, heres how this'll work:

Add on your riff or two and keep the file as GP4 (if you dont know how, go to File>Export>Guitar Pro 4 Format). This way, the people who dont have gp5 can add on, and the people who do can still add. Put your username in score information (press F5) under Music and Tab (next to mine) and make a marker (Shift+Insert) with your username too. You dont need one for every riff you make, just the first one to help seperate.

DO NOT alter anybody's riffs, or take anybody's name out. You can give tips/suggestions in the thread, but dont change anything. You can change the tuning, but keep it. Also, you can add more than one riff, but only if the thread is dead (to give more of an opportunity to other people).

When it gets to around 4 minutes, then stop adding on. If this goes well, making more threads would be a good idea.

[Copied from the first Metalcore Collab Thread]

Have fun

~Loki <3
Metalcore Collab II.zip
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I am taking part in this, working on it as we speak
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.
I thought I'd go ahead and contribute again. We need more collab threads, they need a whole board dedicated to it.
Metalcore Collab II.zip
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.
Added a slow two-step and another riff.
I ended it abruptly on purpose.

EDIT: ^Beat me to it. I'll add mine after yours.
EDIT 2: Fixed!
Metalcore Collab II.zip
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if anyone actually plans on recording this this it would be cool and if so i can supply the drum with the drums from hell prog pm if you are planning on doing this and i will set the drums up for you
Bout damn time the contributions continued. That's wild, guys, love it.
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no one is gonna record?

we're not even done yet. someone might, who knows
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.
Okie, here it is.

The break at the end really bugged me so I changed it just a little bit ok!
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I just had to do it again, this is my last one I swear. besides, all my contributions are small

That is so cool.