Hey guys, i've only just very (emphasis on very) recently started taking up the Acoustic guitar. I've always wanted to, and now I have an inspiration, I intend to write/sing a lovesong to my girlfriend, cheesey I know ^__^ do you have any recommendations/hits/tips that might help me get to grips quicker with the guitar? Since I can barely read music at the mo =( Sacc x
sorry mate, but i LOL'd when i saw your post, soo cliched! but hey, any person who attempts to pick up a guitar for any reason is a friend of mine!

yea, just learn some basic chords, they're all on the internet, and dont fret about not being able to read music, i've been playing for two years, and i still can''t read it, just use tabs

and also, its a big ask to write a song (let alone one that your gf will get a kick out of) first up, i suggest finding a good love song, and learning that, at least you've got a good base to work from.
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That could be the single most logical, helpful response ive ever gotten from UG.
Thank you very much.

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wow. i don't give these out much, but...an e-cookie to GruntFuttock for being an EPIC good friend and a genius beside. bravo.
keeping your hands and your strings clean will help make them last longer, and it's good for the guitar's neck too.

that was a biggie for me when i started, maybe more tips when i'm less sick >_<
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Yeah I was hoping to learn Hey There Deliah, but it's kinda advanced for my level, which is, no level at all XD